Case-study: Frontend in Cybersecurity

Main hall

This talk will cover the whole UX development process and many choices that we as a team did, to get where we are now. When you think about frontend, it’s not just a developers who writes Javascript. If you want to make it right, you need UX researchers, UX designers, UI designers, Visual Designers, Technical writers and, of course, UX developers. I would like to talk about each roll in short and how they help and why you should have all of them to achieve best results. After that I want to go into more technical details on why EmberJs (its not so trendy, right?). How we work with ES6 and why we see future in Typescript. I will structure a talk in terms of a “technical challenge – pros/cons – why we’ve chose A and not B”. For example:

  • We have 16 applications internal and external. Why we have them separate and not a single app.
  • We had ~8-10 internal packages and we’ve merged them into 2. Why we’ve did that and why benefits out-weighted cons?

Also, from the talk point, I want to start with a real Cybersecurity case and how how it gets solved