Painting with Data

Terra 3

You have so much information, and you want to make it not just intelligible but compelling. How do you pick a chart type that will present it intuitively, and how do you build it and animate it attractively while keeping it performant across all the devices?

We’re faced with an overwhelming number of different platforms, frameworks and technologies to use as our canvas (including not least, HTML5 Canvas). I’ll help you chart a course through the different options:

  • Choosing the right chart type
  • Choosing the right technology for your chart, whether it’s HTML/CSS, SVG, Canvas, or WebGL.
  • Choosing a charting library: To d3 or not to d3?

Along the way, you’ll learn some of the basics of visualising data on the web, as well as how learning d3 can help you in other contexts, and even improve your functional programming skills.

Slides you can find here: https://www.richardwestenra.com/painting-with-data-talk/?showNotes#/