Doug Sillars

leading mobile developer advocate and evangelist

Doug is widely known as an expert in mobile application architecture, especially when it comes to performance. He has worked with thousands of developers around the world, helping them improve the speed, battery life and customer satisfaction of their applications (both native and web). The author of O’Reilly’s ‘High Performance Android Apps,’ he has spoken at conferences around the world on mobile performance.

He is currently freelancing, and traveling with his family of 6 (plus the dog!) as a digital nomad in Europe.

My Sessions

Delivering Fast Video without the Buffering

Main hall

Video is one of the fastest growing mediums on the web and in mobile applications. Video files have been shown to increase engagement, and can be a great way to deliver your message quickly. (And who doesn’t love animated GIFs?) However, video that takes a long time to start up leads to frustration and abandonment. […]