Rachel Appel

Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Rachel currently works for JetBrains as a Developer Advocate. She has been in the business of creating software for over 25 years, as an author, mentor, and speaker at top industry conferences such as VSLive!, DevConnections, Øredev, NDC and SDD. During her career, she has worked on projects of all sizes from the smallest of apps, to the largest enterprise systems at some of the world’s leading companies.
Rachel’s expertise is in web development on the Microsoft stack, specifically Azure Functions, ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, SignalR, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Her hobbies include science, AI, reading, languages, and travel.

My Sessions

Things that every JavaScript developer should know

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JavaScript can be a passive-aggressive and fickle language that can frustrate you at every turn. It lets you do things like declare variables anywhere, but doesn’t tell you that it will hoist them while you’re not looking. Learn how JavaScript organizes data by using key-based dictionaries and how it handles functions behind the scenes. Additionally, […]