Richard Westenra

creative front-end engineer at QuantumBlack / McKinsey

Richard is a creative front-end engineer specialising in interactive dataviz. He often works with React, D3, CSS, SVG and Canvas, and is passionate about accessibility, animation, web standards, performance, usability, and ethics. Originally from New Zealand, he’s now living in London and employed at QuantumBlack / McKinsey. He’s also a keen skier and climber, and helps organise and coach at codebar, a global non-profit initiative that aims to help improve diversity in the tech community through weekly programming workshops. Come talk to him about coaching at codebar, or starting up a new chapter in your area!

My Sessions

Painting with Data

Terra 3

You have so much information, and you want to make it not just intelligible but compelling. How do you pick a chart type that will present it intuitively, and how do you build it and animate it attractively while keeping it performant across all the devices? We’re faced with an overwhelming number of different platforms, […]