Viktor Razumov

Senior Software Engineer at e-bot7 GmbH

Viktor Razumov is a full-stack Javascript developer at an AI startup based in Munich, Germany. Originally from Russia, he has lived in Dubai, Tbilisi and Moscow, working as business analyst, developer and entrepreneur. Besides teaching JS to his 2y old son, his main focus is better processes and communication in the teams and companies he works at.

My Sessions

How to extend webpack with your own plugins

Main hall

World Health Organization reports, that 97% of JS developers use webpack, but only 2% fully understand how it works. This leads to higher amounts of stress, bigger bundles and 64.26726df1f478a5af4bd6.js. However, understanding the mechanics under the hood together with the extension capabilities proved increasing developers’ happiness by 100%. This talk will briefly reveal the magic […]


Advanced React Workshop


You are already using React and build great web apps (and maybe even mobile apps with React Native). But is the pace of its development so high, that you feel behind the latest React updates? Or you want to discover advanced techniques, helping to improve both performance and developer experience? Then join this full-day workshop […]